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It is very important to get you long coated dog (Doodle or Pomeranian, Sheltie) professionally groomed on regular basis at least every 6-8 weeks. The longer the coat the more often it needs to be groomed.

If your dog is not groomed regularly the dog gets easily matted and it is very uncomfortable for the dog and also more work for you and the groomer. Even if the dog is regularly groomed by a professional; that does not mean that you can skip combing and brushing him/her at home.

The most common mistake is to brush over the top of the coat, but not get underneath and close to the skin. You dog might look beautiful on the top, but close to the skin there is a lot of dead hear that causes the matting.

The greyhound comb is the best tool to comb your dog.

4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming

Sometimes if the dog has not been groomed for a long time we need to start all over and shave him/her. In those cases the coat is too matted even to try to comb is out and the only choice is to go short and let the coat grow back. Once again, if you as a Pet Parent like to keep the long coat you need to comb and groom the pet regularly.

Grooming a long coated dog is also more expensive, than a coat that is kept short (less than ½ inch). The drying time is longer and because the dog needs to be bathed, blow dried and combed out before we can do the haircut Doodles, Golden retrieves, Pomeranians, and Shelties can be more expensive to groom that for examples Shih -Tzus.


4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming


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