Bath and brush

Bath using shampoo specialized for your pet’s needs and tearless face shampoo; condition, blow dry, and brush out; trim sanitary area and pads; trim toenails and buff with them dremel tool; clean ears; and seasonal bow and bandana.

Mini Grooming

[clean up between the haircuts for long-hair breeds such as Shih Tzu) / Outline Trim (for double-coated dogs such as Shelties] Bath using shampoo specialized for your pet’s in need and tearless face shampoo; condition, blow dry, and brush out; trim sanitary area and pads, trim toenails and buff them with dremel tool; clean ears; neaten face and feet; minimal scissoring to maintain the underside and outline of the pet; and seasonal bow or bandana.

Full Body Haircut

[Breeds that require haircuts such as poodles] Bath using shampoo specialized for your pet’s in need and tearless shampoo; condition, blow dry, and brush out; trim toenails and buff with them with dremel tool; clean ears. Plus full body haircut. We can provide many styles and variations of haircuts and will always ensure that we understand and follow your preferences for the style and length of Your pet’s haircut. We also do personality trims, easy maintenance trims or shaving if the hair is matted badly and cannot be groomed otherwise. Many pet parents want their purebred dogs groomed according AKC standards, however, we will groom according to your preferences.

Puppy trim

Puppy trim is an introduction to grooming and it is very important to get the puppy used to be groomed early. Puppy trim is a quick Mini Grooming and includes trimming the hair between the eyes, trimming the sanitary area and pads. As the puppy matures and is more comfortable with the whole grooming process, we can shape the face, legs and underside better. We recommend that the first full body haircut is done at the age of 6 months when the soft puppy hair has changed to an adult coat.


Shedding is a big problem for many dogs and their owners. Most dogs shed but some shed more than others, especially double-coated breeds like Huskies, German Shepherds, and Shelties. Short-coated breeds, such as Beagles, shed, but their hair is shorter and sometimes less noticeable than hair for longer coated dogs.

Why dogs shed

Dogs shed their winter coats throughout the spring and summer and develop the next winter coat throughout the fall and winter. Dogs shed more in warmer climates, like here in South. Dogs have more regular shedding cycle in cooler climates. Double-coated dogs have the pretty top coat called guard hair (the colorful, beautiful hair), and a soft woolly undercoat. The guard hair protects the dog from sun and other environmental elements, and the woolly undercoat works as on isolation and keeps the dog warm. The woolly undercoat dies off and should be brushed out regularly. If not brushed out, the dead undercoat makes the dog look poorly groomed and scruffy. Also, the dead undercoat can cause skin problems (for example, hot spots) because the skin cannot breath. De-shedding removes the dead undercoat but does not damage the protective guard hair.

De-shedding should be done regularly to get the full benefit of the treatment. The treatment includes de-shedding shampoo, tearless face shampoo; de-shedding conditioner; drying; brushing out the dead undercoat (this may take from 30-45 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coat); sanitary and pad trimming; toenail trimming and buffing the nails with a dremel tool; and ear cleaning. We do not recommend shaving your dog because it damages the dog’s coat and leaves it with no protection. Shaving the dog sometimes prevents the guard hair form growing back; and can cause irreversible changes in the hairgrowth. Shaving the dog can make the hair grow back unevenly or not at all. De-shedding – not shaving- is the proper way to care for your dog’s coat.

Heath problems (for example, a thyroid imbalance) can cause hair loss, and stressful situations (for example, a visit to vet) can cause shedding. It is very important to determine if the hair loss is due to a health problem, which may need medication, or if the shedding caused by a short-term situation that will resolve itself.

De-shedding is a premium, time consuming service
Pricing varies for each dog and is determined by breed, size, and condition of the dog’s hair. De-shedding should be done regularly to get a full benefit of the treatment (and less hair in your house).

Notice: We will clean and pluck ears lightly, unless the dog is too aggressive for this service.

Expressing anal glands is an invasive procedure and anal sacs are easily ruptured. We recommend this procedure be done by the veterinarian.

Grooming time

Grooming time will depend on your dog’s temperament, size and the complexity of the groom. For example a basic bathe may take from 45 minutes to 60 minutes and longer for the de-shedding treatment (double coated dogs) Haircuts can take from 1.5 hours to 2 hours; larger dogs and difficult dogs may take longer.

Fleas and Ticks

We will use flea and tick shampoo if your dog has fleas. If your dog has a flea infestation that has caused skin inflammation, we cannot provide service. Fleas can damage your dog´s skin, which requires veterinary care.

Although 4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming does not have any “vicious breed” restrictions the dog needs to be well behaved and the groomer need to be able to groom the dog safely. Dog must be able to fit comfortably on the table and in the tub during the grooming process. Some adult breeds may be too large. In some cases a dog may be too aggressive, stressed, afraid etc, to groom. This is determined on case-by-case basis.


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