The Entrepreneur from Finland

The Entrepreneur from Finland

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Nina Kalske is a Pet Stylist and Owner of 4Your Dogs Mobile Grooming. Her accent keeps people guessing where she’s from – She is from Finland. She attained her permanent residency in 2009 and started working in a large, busy grooming salon as a bather. She was accepted in a grooming Academy and was trained as a qualified dog groomer. She noticed that some dogs did not respond well to large, busy grooming salons. Shorty after graduating the grooming Academy she became increasingly interested in offering a different kind of grooming experience for pets.

She chose to start he own mobile grooming business that offers Your Pet the best possible grooming experience in a calm environment with quality products. She grooms according to AKC breed standards, but she also offers easy maintenance personality grooms (pet grooms) and shave downs. Short haired dogs need regular grooming as well. For double coated dogs she recommends de-shedding treatment that removes the dead undercoat.

Contact Nina TODAY for an appointment.

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