We will come to your house and create an individual training plan for You and Your Pet.
Many people have questions like:

  • Will my dog ever settle down and listen to me?
  • Will my dog someday stop dragging me when we are walking?
  • Can my dog ever hold a “down – stay” when I need him to stay?

Dogs don’t come pre-trained, and the simple fact is that any dog, will behave in a certain ways that humans just don’t like. They chew, they dig, they try to steal the chicken sandwich on the counter. When you walk your dog, they like to sniff around instead of walking nicely beside you. However, the good news is that early training and socialization, regular practice and consistency make the job much easier. That means that YOU have some work to do before your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Socialization is the process of introducing dogs to the human world. We have a lot of things going on that dogs have not seen before and are maybe scared of (trains, cars, bicycles). Yet, we expect them to deal with these things without acting too much like a dog. We don’t want them to bite or growl when they meet new people or in strange situations. But dogs have a natural instinct to do some of these things when confronted with the unfamiliar. They are being dogs. Socializations helps dogs understand that most of the time they don’t need to protect themselves and they can trust humans to protect them. Dogs look to a leader to follow, and you need to be the leader. The best way to socialize your dog is to expose him/her to many different kinds of people, situations and other pets.

Training is essential to teach the dog good house manners and it is important also to think about what you want to achieve, and set up training goals. We will go over your goals and adjust the training accordingly.

So contact us TODAY to discuss your training goals.

Training Method

We will use positive reinforcement and rewards for following cues. We focus rewarding the dog when they do the right thing in order to communicate what the owner wants or needs the dog to do. The dogs work hard to get rewards (treats) so this method works very well for most dogs. We will also teach YOU how to train your dog. We will use clicker training. Clicker is a small plastic device that marks the behavior, so your dog knows exactly what you are rewarding.

Some things to consider:


1. What are the house rules at home?

  • Is the dog allowed on the furniture?
  • Is it important to you that the dog stays away from the dinner table?
  • How do you want the dog to behave when it is time to go to a walk?

2. How would you like to the dog behave when you leave the house? What goals you have when you visit for example the vet?

  • Do you want the dog wait until he gets permission to jump in and out from the car?
  • Do you want the dog sit nicely in the waiting room?
  • Do you want the dog walk nicely beside you instead of dragging you by the leash?

The price includes one hour training, clicker and the instructions. We usually meet 1 – 2 a week to go over the class. To be successful and achieve your goals you need to practice at home those things we learn at class.

So contact us TODAY to discuss your training goals.


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