Why Dogs Shed

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Dogs shed their winter coats throughout the spring and summer and develop the next winter coat throughout the fall and winter. Dogs shed more in warmer climates, like here in South. Dogs have more regular shedding cycle in cooler climates. Double-coated dogs have the pretty top coat called guard hair (the colorful, beautiful hair), and a soft woolly undercoat. The guard hair protects the dog from sun and other environmental elements, and the woolly undercoat works as on isolation and keeps the dog warm. The woolly undercoat dies off and should be brushed out regularly. If not brushed out, the dead undercoat makes the dog look poorly groomed and scruffy. Also, the dead undercoat can cause skin problems (for example, hot spots) because the skin cannot breath. De-shedding removes the dead undercoat but does not damage the protective guard hair.

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